Slater and Gordan Lawyers make the move to the first floor in the Lee Building

We spoke with Alexander Leverett, Head of Workspace & Facilites at Slater and Gordan Lawyers who have just made The Tootal Buildings their new Manchester hub taking on the whole of the first floor in the Lee Building. Here is what he had to say on their expereince moving to The Tootal Buildings … 
What are the reasons for moving to a new office?
“Slater and Gordan has undergone significant change over the last few years, enabling our colleagues to work digitally and in an agile manner, we termed this connected working. The focus on technology, combined with an opportunity created under our existing leased enabled us to look at alternative premises in Manchester that would align with our current and future business needs”.



 What features of The Tootal Buildings were you impressed by?
“When you enter Tootal, there is a real sense of community created by communal spaces and amenities provided within them. There is a communal coffee shop on the ground floor and outdoor courtyard, which are brought to life by regular events and pop up stalls. As a triathlete myself and someone who champions our sustainability programme, it was create to see credentials in place for the building for sustainability and well-being. Small touches like bike pumps and tools for cyclists, really make the difference and shows the building managers are really in tune with what occupants want and need. 
The building itself is grade ii listed, with the interior transformed into a high quality modern space that feels in keeping with it’s history. There are reminders in various spots throughout the building to it’s past using floor to ceiling artwork, that is a really nice touch”.
Did you look at any other buildings in Manchester City Centre?
“We completed several extensive searches in Manchester over a 6 month period, eventually shortlisting several properties. We felt Tootal met the brief as it is a good location, with the amenities previously mentioned and as we were taking high quality fitted space it would mean we only need to make adjustments to the existing space rather than a full fit out”.
Has the process been a good experience so far?
“Excellent, I honestly can’t compliment representatives of the Landlord or their service partners enough. They are exceptionally pro-active and amendable to your requirements. Everyone I’ve dealt with has excelled from a customer facing perspective.”